Is Your REI Marketing Costing You 
BIG Money And Time?? 

Our Individual Coaching Program Is Designed To Teach and Support You Through Becoming A Real Estate Investor Making Six Figures ... 



NOW ONLY $5,500

Dear Rising Real Estate Investor,  

Did you know that 95% of "Would Be" Real Estate Investors NEVER buy a single house

Or no matter how much Time and Money you spend on marketing to home sellers, you JUST CAN'T find enough investment properties to feed your family or quit your job? 

Can you relate?? 

Do you rely on spending thousands of dollars per month on marketing all while driving around town, looking at properties, negotiation & talking with home sellers just to have some cancel on you AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE? 

Do you have steady phone calls each day to push you towards buying the amount of properties you want to be buying each month? 

Look, if you're going more marketing then you need to hire someone to handle the dramatic increase in calls. 

In fact, you even need to hire someone to visit the houses and talk with the home sellers! 

OR if you do it yourself, you run the risk of BURNING OUT, losing houses and giving your hard earned cash away to ever rising competition in your area just waiting for you to take a second of rest. 


Here is why we have the Virtual Investor Coaching Program: 

In my first several years of real estate investing I took ALL the courses and I did what they suggested... 

I spent and set aside thousands each month for marketing...

was spending half my day driving around without even getting a single bite and when I did... THEY CANCELED LAST MINUTE! 

I made decent money don't get me wrong...

BUT, the constant, endless grind became unbearable to the point where I would question if it was even worth it? 

The good news is today things are different!!!

I can buy houses ANYWHERE in the U.S.A without leaving my home or even when I am out of the country vacationing with my beloved family. 

(Did I mention my net profit on each deal was a lot higher now too because my expenses are a lot LESS?) 

Our Coaching Program Gives You EVERYTHING You Need to Find, Analyze, and Buy House Online! 

NO Marketing and NO Talking With Homeowners!!!  In fact, you don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home....

The goal of our program is NOT to give you more information. The goal is to help you implement proven strategies and give you the unwavering support you need to achieve your goals and build the business and life of your dreams.  

While building this program we had two choices: 

We could go as cheap as possible and try to get as many coaching students as possible... But the problem with that is we couldn’t really stack on the value for you.   

So, we decided to go with a second option, which obviously requires a slightly higher investment on your side. But in exchange for that, we can dedicate more time, energy, and resources to help your success.  

The cost of our individual coaching is $7,000....But, we have decided that in an effort to save you valuable marketing dollars and time we would discount the program for the summer.  

Take advantage of a $1,500  DISCOUNT today!!!!  

Even the most seasoned experts and successful business and real estate entrepreneurs need coaches to continually improve their game. 

Paul and Michael offer different real estate coaching programs tailored to the various needs of real estate investing business leaders. 

Get coaching, get results. 

If you want to get DIRECT, HANDS-ON HELP in taking your real estate investing business to new heights, make more money and actually live the lifestyle you want at a faster pace of progress, then applying to join Paul and Michael’s coaching program will be for you. 

Thank You,  
Paul and Michael 

Our Coaching Program Gives You EVERYTHING You Need to Find, Analyze, and Buy House Online! 

NO Marketing and NO Talking With Homeowners 



We buy real estate properties the opposite of what most people teach. 

We aren’t wasting hours of our time driving for dollars, hanging bandit signs in the middle on the night, or spending tens of thousands of dollars a month on direct mail and Pay Per Click

We purchase properties with zero marketing costs and never talk with home sellers.
We buy primarily through online REO auctions, local county auctions, off the MLS, and off market properties from agents and wholesalers. 

We have purchased in 44 states and have been real estate investors since 2000. 

What does the coaching program offer? 

Learn our proven systems on how to buy houses with no marketing to homeowners and how to use multiple exit strategies to maximize your profits on each deal 

• If you want to Virtual Wholesale, you will learn our marketing system on HOW TO SELL HOUSES IN ANY MARKET WITH ZERO CASH BUYERS 

We review your deals so that you have the confidence to bid or make offer on properties you may never visit in person 

• Access to our Private Lenders to fund your deals 

• Hours of online training and real estate education videos 

Ongoing support 
     - Walk through the settlement process 
     - Monthly calls 
     - Unlimited email support 
     - Learn how to work with REO agents and get critical information from them 
     - How to manage properties remotely 
     - Monthly newsletter and access to our coaching membership site

Access to resources we use 
     - Title companies and attorneys 
     - Lenders, transactional lenders, and private lenders 
     - VIP status at auction companies 
     - Our national network of real estate investors 

We are your support team to guide you through your process

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